Fela Durotoye Shops for Political Party That Suits His Presidential Ambition for 2019

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Popular Nigerian motivational writer and speaker, Fela Durotoye has announced his search for a most suiting political party among all registered platforms in Nigeria to float his ambition for Presidency in 2019.

Durotoye wrote on his facebook page, Thursday, seeking advice on the most suiting among all registered political parties. He stated criteria for which he’d accept to join the political party.

His Facebook post, which listed the criteria is reproduced below:

#iWantAParty …..

Now that 21 New political parties have been fully registered … What kind of Political Party should candidates you wish to support run on?

If you ask me…

#iWantAParty with free and fair internal democratic processes that are open and transparent.

#iWantAParty where every member (not just delegates) has the right to vote for their candidates amongst the aspirants.

#iWantAParty with a clear ideology, vision for the nation and values system that guides the conduct of its members/executives.

#iWantAParty where delegates only go to represent the voter outcomes of the members at the convention (and can not be bribed, coerced or influenced to change the mandate of the members at the convention).

#iWantAParty that makes it impossible for the emergence of ‘godfathers’ who can choose who can aspire & run and who should ‘wait for your turn’

#iWantAParty without candidacy zoning. A party where everyone (no matter where you are from) can run & every member can choose their candidates based on capacity to deliver on promise and lead the people into the future we all desire.
#iWantAParty with the ability to build an effective national structure that connects with the aspirations of every Nigerian across region or religion, across ethnic or gender, across social class, city or village, from diaspora to grass-root.

Now …. your turn … you tell me … what do you want? Describe the features and characteristics of the ideal party you will like your candidate to run on or you will like to be a member … What should the party have or NOT have?

Start with …. #iWantAParty

Let’s go there👍🏾

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