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BY Soneye Abdul-Azeez Lekan

One of the many crazy things we do in this country that I don’t understand is why we love to pay attention to irrelevant issues while we live life threatening situations unmentioned. Or perhaps the sentimental mind we approach issues with in this country is our greatest problem.
For a while now I have been reading about Kemi Olunloyo incarceration in a maximum prison in Port Harcourt on daddy Bankole Solomon timeline. Daddy has been talking about her with compassion. I have not been chanced to read about Kemi Olunloyo somewhere else. I never knew there was her. So I didn’t know the reasons why she had been kept in a prison for 10 months or thereabout. I’m sorry for being ignorant of her and stories around her. Yesterday I saw his post again where he mentioned that he would be going to Port Harcourt to seek Kemi’s release and he will need the solidarity of volunteers to follow him down there. Hence I was touched. I felt I need to find out about the story. If baba could be serious this much, then she is someone who worth the world.

I did Google search and find out about the story. It’s one of the most horrible story I have read about inhumane treatment and deliberate denial of human right to a ‘humane being’, I wrote ‘humane’ not just human. This woman actually worth my attention. She should be one of the people I should read from daily. What is the reason behind her incarceration? She is a blogger who has been controversial mostly because she is always revealing the atrocities of the “few Nigerians we regard as untouchable”. She has said in her post accusing Obasanjo of using her(Kemi’s) sibling for ritual. And what got her into this present situation is her revelation where she accused David Ibiyeomie, a pastor based in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, of adultery. Sooner than later, she was arrested inhumanly and kept in Port Harcourt maximum prison. Maximum prison just for alleged defamation of character? And nobody is talking about it?
I feel one of the very best Nigerians is being cheated. Not just that, one of the best comrades we have in the country. And that she is a female makes her worth our strengths to seek her release. Why? I did a Google search to check her background details and I was shocked. I became convinced that she is the best presently. She is a daughter of a former governor. She had lived for 30years in USA and 5years in Canada. She got her education over there. That is the best thing that can happen to a Nigerian, tasting the reality of millennium most of her lifetime not darkness in Nigeria. She could have inherited huge properties from her father. She has many strong connections. She has every opportunity to be a commissioner, minister or head of civil service in Oyo state or somewhere else if she was “Nigerianly” in her thought.
Despite all these, she was not overwhelmed. Rather she stood for the best thing in her life, agitating for a better humanity in the country. The reality is that most of the comrades we have in this country are accidental comrades. Their frustrating situations have led them into the struggle to speak for their rights. And that is why the moments they come across any opportunity to have connections and get liberated from their frustrating life they become sold out in the struggle. They will even be militating against comrades just because they tasted horrible wealth. The reason we have few older people in the struggle despite the numbers of them we have read in history fighting different military “rulership” as students. Contrarily, her case is different. She didn’t choose humanitarian service out of mere frustration. She is in the struggle because of her love for humanity. She could have chosen to be an opportunist and become famously successful through her connections as a daughter of a former governor. But she didn’t. That made her worth the world- you can say I have overemphasized this yet it’s just the reality.

Sometimes late last year, Davido was involved in an alleged murder case. The news was all over the air. The problem is that Nigerian youths who are suffering joined the campaign for “free Davido” or whatever. Davido has a billionaire father who is one of the richest men in Africa. He has a former governor and a senator from his family. He has quite numbers of the few mighty Nigerians that will solve his murder case in a phone call and got him vindicated as soon as the phone call is ended. Davido has not done anything to liberate the masses before. His music are not relevant at all. In fact, he sings to mock us all of our poverty for those who have listening ears. Yet I saw poor Nigerians wasting their data connection to campaign for a man that is useless to their existence.
Painfully as it may be, madam Kemi Olunloyo has been incarcerated for months just for alleged defamation of character. Davido was accused of probably the most terrible case-murder. He was not kept in prison. And he even got your sympathy and you started fighting for his release in the best way you could. Meanwhile, She is a gun right and social media activists. She has lived a big part of her lifetime risking her life for humanity. No one is talking about her freedom. She didn’t get your empathy because she is not a “useless celebrity”. Some foolish bigots and fanatics are even mocking her in the comment box on a blog site because they feel she has offended Christ for saying things about a Pastor. But she has her evidence as pictures and videos sent to her by a member of the church. That is how poor we are as a nation. Our poverty has gotten to the extent that we can’t reason logically no more. I fear for our future if we continue like this as a people.

I knew you wouldn’t be reading this unless I gave it a tittle that relates to what you like the best. We have given priorities to things that we can live peacefully without while condemning the most important things.

Whatever you do today, posterity is always there to judge in the nearest future.

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