“There Will Be No Decision Imposed from Bourdilon or Alausa”, Kowa Party Vows As It Concludes Congress in Lagos

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KOWA Party Lagos Congress 3rdFebruary, 2018

The timing is now ripe for us to grow from a glimmer of hope to a beacon of light! and that starts with reconstituting the State Branch of the KOW Party to meet the challenges ahead. Members received notice of our State Congress through their micro-group leaders for each LGA and LCDA in Lagos in December and received reminders for their increased participation in the party and in the Congress event.

Present at the congress are founders of KOWA Party such as Adesina Fagbenro-Byron, Trustees such as Muhtar Bakare, The National Secretary, Comrade Mark Adebayo, our 2015 Presidential Flagbearer, Professor Remi Sonaiya, National Youth Leaders, Jude Feranmi, KOWA Professionals founder, Ier Jonathan, and the Chairperson of Lagos State Executive, Dr Fadahunsi Fajuyitan.  INEC observers and member of the print, radio and online press are also invited as observers.

The organising committee of the Lagos Congress led by Habiba Balogun and Gboyega Songonuga, and supported by Muyiwa Alamu, Siraj Adebakin, and KOWA party 2019 presidential aspirant, Ayo Lijadu organised an inclusive congress for members including those unable to join us physically by creating online voter keys linked to unique Membership numbers, and a fraud check to ensure the same device could not do multiple voting.  KOWA Party is very excited to be the first political party in Nigeria to use LIVE online voting with results reported in real time as the voting progresses.

The purpose of the Congress is two-pronged;

1.     Elect a State Executive that will guide our affairs during the upcoming election season through the general elections in 2019, and

2.     To agree the issues members believe are topmost in the State Electorate’s minds and which can win us the elections at State level; in other words to determine the Platform Issues that will headline our campaigns at State Level

As we canvass candidates for our state executive positions, we wish to remind member and the general public of the KOWA Ethos.

We are mostly political activists, professionals and politicians who did not find a level playing ground in the god-father-dominated political parties. This means that we are not the typical, conventional clique. We are different.  Citizens can run for office based on merit and where they reside, not based on money or ethnicity and religion. In KOWA Party, your N1,000 membership fee entitles you to vote in the State Congress and to elect delegates for the National convention. There will be no decision imposed from Bourdillon or Alausa, now is the time to get engaged and to determine the State Party Leadership, even to take up the mantle of leadership yourself!

A couple of the Platform Issues being put forward for adoption are:

·  Transparency in Lagos State revenue generation & governance

o Yes Lagos spends more on social services than other states, but have you ever wondered how much Lagos State collects in revenue?, or how much of that leaks into private pockets?!. BudgIT ranks Lagos State 36th (Eko no be Warri, so e fit carry last…) in financial transparency! Under a KOWA led state administration;

§ Govt. accounts will be audited and publicly available,

§ revenue raised by every agency will be publicly reported and

§ citizens will have a say in determining the levels at which rates are levied.

§ Hard work and industry will be the determinants of private wealth, not the statement “former Director General this or that”

·  Independent Local Government

o Do you know who your ward/LG councillors are? Do they make a difference to your life? For most people the answer is a resounding NO!, and the reason is that all roads lead to Alausa in the quest for Govt. services. KOWA Party’s vision for LG Administration is one where;

§ The LG Authority has the resources to offer first line social services (Health, Education, Sanitation) and is more important to the citizenry than Alausa, Bourdillon or Abuja. The State will not deduct from local govt. accounts.

§ All LGs in the state are not controlled by one party, permitting competition among LGs and making the citizens question why the LG next door is doing better than theirs?

§ Citizens are actively engaged in local council administration/oversight through town hall meetings and votes on issues of local concern.

Join us in making these The Issues on which the next state elections are fought and won!

Members’ engagement in the Congress will support;

·  greater scrutiny and a more robust opposition to government

·  an injection of fresh, energetic, and competent activists, professionals, technocrats, and credible politicians.

·  it will accelerate the movement away from god-fatherism and tribal politics, to inclusive and merit-based politics.

·  transparently-run primaries

·  youth voter registration activities

To be part of this wave of change, KOWA Party enjoins the general public to join our party and we encourage lapsed members to renew their membership of the party for 2018. As a youth-oriented party, we leverage technology.  Registering online and paying membership dues on the party website ( takes just 2 minutes.

The State Executive set up a Telephone Bank to engage with members and members received a call/sms in the days leading up to the congress to remind them to register and update their details. Members who renewed up to the congress day are able to vote in the party congress on the 3rd of February. Our poll is online, so members can vote from the comfort of their chairs!!, and the KOWA “PVC” will be delivered online too!

We thank members, the press, and the general public immensely for their contribution towards the growth of KOWA Party in Lagos State and solicit their support of the 2018 State Party Congresses in each state of the federation.

Members should consider making a lump-sum payment or monthly commitment to the party. This can be done by direct credit to the party bank account referencing general use, or any of our programs you wish to support. Why not try it out today? We will then be able to send you monthly subscription reminders and program updates/newsletters! It is our hope that your or your organization will select KOWA Party as one of the political parties to support with a regular contribution of N10,000 per month starting this January 2018 and/or a one-off substantial payment.

Your vote matters!! Use it wisely, and don’t sell it!!

Together we make a Difference.

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