LASU Dress Code Controversy: Students Resist Harassment, Prevent Arrest of Female Colleague by Security Men on Campus [Photos]

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Some student activists on the campus of Lagos State University, LASU, on Thursday prevented the arrest of a female student (name withheld) by security marshals on the campus over alleged “indecent dressing”.

The female student who wore a T-shirt and pair trousers was already being harassed by the security men when some students reportedly massed around them to inquire how her dressing was either indecent nor their business.

The argument about choice of dressing by an adult student on the campus of a higher institution of learning ended with the students preventing her arrest by the campus police men and also their resolve to challenge the imposition of dress code on the campus.

See photos of the harassed female student and what she wore below:

Photo Credit: Education Rights Capaign (ERC).

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