After Disrupting The Media Space, I’m Now Here to Disrupt The Political Space – Omoyele Sowore

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Nigeria’s Presidential hopeful, Mr. Omoyele Sowore has said that he is offering himself for service in politics in order to disrupt the political space.

Sowore was responding to random questions from a crowd of participants at his town hall meeting with youths, students and activists in Ibadan on Friday.

Anchored by Edmund Obilo, the town hal meeting in Ibadan was the first in line up for Nigeria since Sowore returned from the United States to face politics in Nigeria, earlier this week.

“For twelve years, I have worked to disrupt the media space. I am now here to disrupt the political space”, Sowore said at the Ibadan town hall meeting.

Asked what he meant by disruption, Sowore said it is a computer term stemming from the creation of “wicked problems” in order to ultimately arrive at removing stubborn bugs that are resistant to earlier known solutions.

“They will not leave power out of their own volition except they are kicked out”, he declared.

Explaining further, Sowore said the movement he has just formed would change how the political space operates, completely.

“When I started Sahara Reporters, the aim was to turn around how media is practiced in Nigeria so that no information is too hard to put out anymore”, he broached.

“The disruption was to ensure that there are no sacred cows protected by the media anymore and we have achieved the democratisation of that space such that there is courage for everyone to share information in the media space.

“We now want to do this in politics”, he declared as he says he is now stepping into the political arena.

The town hall meeting was also widely attended by high-profile personalities including notable persons who attended from the United States as well as other States of the country.

A notable human rights activist and lawyer in Ibadan, Barrister Femi Aborishade was also in attendance and gave his solidarity support speech for Sowore.

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